BeingTogether.Live is a private WordPress website, currently in incubating mode; but I see great potential in it. Not as a one-trick pony in an Advaita niche, but as a pattern for human beings in general: to open up, to discover, to connect; beyond the old hi-and-bye.

For all kinds of (practical) human topics and needs; life is more than paying bills and being busy being busy.

The pieces and the potential is there, but I am still procrastinating/waiting for someone with whom I can think and talk about the project, to get my own thinking and attitude straight.

Sorry for so many words (-; still so much "me" in all of that.

If you feel like it, say hello via email and/or have a Zoom time, without the requirement to make sense: //

Common Sense, Vision/Impulse

It is so ridiculous how (theoretically) simple it is! Unbroken peace of mind is not dependent on circumstances; greed and fear are just faulty thinking, erroneous identification?

So crazy to see the avoidable confusion, waste, exploitation and inhumanity on this planet. Most of the excitement and plastic-fantastic of our 'modern world' seems just like a painful detour/lesson/joke/yoke... ease up mr rastaman?

We are the current wave of humanity...

I love quiet and peace, but seeing our nine year old daughter grow up deeply stirs me and makes me wonder what we can be/do together, you and me?

Is there anything to be learned, something to be contributed?

"God's will" makes sense at a certain stage, ... but the story doesn't end there; God is not "another".

God is a drama queen...

So much could be done on the Internet, here and now:

Spirituality 101 for Dummies

Demystifying God

Basic Wisdoms

A directory to foster human connections/discoveries.

A new attitude for money and investments.

Learning how to think/collaborate.

Sustainable income...

School Of Suffering.

Be Knowingly...

School curricula, teaching tools, cool simple diagrams...

Center for Art, Education & Commerce

Celebrating Life.

Is all of this is just more left-over "me" ignorance, trying to survive?
Thank you for your patience.