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Roger's fun-da-mental question:

What Do You Really Want?

Suggested/practical answer:
"Happiness through peace of mind, in daily living, independent of circumstances."

After many months of daily Live Satsangs, during the COVID thingy, Roger currently offers free Zoom Satsang on Wednesdays and Saturdays!
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Thank you Roger for your generosity, dedication, sensitivity and deep insight into human nature.
What a priceless gift to see where I was trapped for decades; how elegant and simple the teaching can be!

From Woz / warrendennis1015 on

"Roger Castillo's / Ramesh Balsekar's non-dual teachings have been an absolute game-changer for me in bringing happiness and peace of mind to my life. I would love to discuss these teachings with other interested people in a friendly and respectful environment. With this purpose in mind, I have created a Discord server. If you are interested in discussing these teachings, feel free to join me. Thanks."

A place to foster/risk human connection -- you, me, them -- to outgrow suffering and faulty-thinking.

This here is a free website; it is not rocket-science to edit it.
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The Movie Is In The Can

Holger: The following spreadsheet shows 263 videos on Roger's Youtube channel, as of October 11th, 2020.
Please let me know if this is of any value for you.

YT Tracker -- Youtube Videos

Holger Hub-bs:

Most of 'my' life I was more or less introverted, a loner. I read only a few books, but listened to cassette tapes, related to "spirituality".

It seems that I only passively consumed the materials as pain-killers. My capacity to inquire, the quality of thinking and the bravery of feeling was very limited.
And this went on for decades! Always waiting for life to send 'me' a miracle.

Practical peace of mind

Roger's unique style of Satsang and the opportunity to ask him questions live on Zoom made a huge difference for me!
Beginning to understand the mechanism of my self-entertained suffering and being deeply touched by Roger's presence and mental capacity was like being born again.

Inter-human relationships?

When I started with Roger's Zoom Live Satsangs the Chat feature was turned on, and I must have bothered many people with my interrupting comments... Sorry!!!

But the great part for me was that I could ask several people for their email address; people I could relate to, whose questions and sharing resonated in me.

Quite amazing to suddenly have some Satsang friends to whom I could relate with my seeming fear, excitement, confusion and pain; all of this in the atmosphere of the covid drama, the end of the world, with limited supplies of paper towels and toilet paper...

I could experience first-hand the preciousness of inter-human relationships, in the atmosphere of Roger's Satsang: openness, peace, trust, intelligence, forgiveness...

I had some good Zoom meetings and email exchanges with my new Roger Friends; being able to feel myself, to hear myself, to get out of the bubble of my life-long me-misery was/is priceless.

Trying to explain someone the "teaching" in my own words and moment in time (simply as an exercise) and being able to ask questions or to share challenges was/is so good! It made me feel alive.

Social Media...?

Reading and commenting online happens all in my own head/imagination, alone at the computer; but I wanted some heart-felt exchanges.

I tried out Woz's Discord Server...
Maybe I was just afraid of the word 'discord', because I had more than enough of it. For me the Discord Server experience was too fragmented, too loud, too much of my old head. I want something more quiet, private, something more in-team. Rush or hush?


BeingTogether.Live is a private WordPress website, currently in incubating mode; but I see great potential in it. Not as a one-trick pony in an Advaita niche, but as a pattern for human beings in general: to open up, to discover, to connect; beyond the old hi-and-bye.

For all kinds of (practical) human topics and needs; life is more than paying bills and being busy being busy.

The pieces and the potential is there, but I am still procrastinating/waiting for someone with whom I can think and talk about the project, to get my own thinking and attitude straight.

Sorry for so many words (-; still so much "me" in all of that.

If you feel like it, say hello via email and/or have a Zoom time, without the requirement to make sense: //

Common Sense, Vision/Impulse

It is so ridiculous how (theoretically) simple it is! Unbroken peace of mind is not dependent on circumstances; greed and fear are just faulty thinking, erroneous identification?

So crazy to see the avoidable confusion, waste, exploitation and inhumanity on this planet. Most of the excitement and plastic-fantastic of our 'modern world' seems just like a painful detour/lesson/joke/yoke... ease up mr rastaman?

We are the current wave of humanity...

I love quiet and peace, but seeing our nine year old daughter grow up deeply stirs me and makes me wonder what we can be/do together, you and me?

Is there anything to be learned, something to be contributed?

"God's will" makes sense at a certain stage, ... but the story doesn't end there; God is not "another".

God is a drama queen...

So much could be done on the Internet, here and now:

Spirituality 101 for Dummies

Demystifying God

Basic Wisdoms

A directory to foster human connections/discoveries.

A new attitude for money and investments.

Learning how to think/collaborate.

Sustainable income...

School Of Suffering.

Be Knowingly...

School curricula, teaching tools, cool simple diagrams...

Center for Art, Education & Commerce

Celebrating Life.

Is all of this is just more left-over "me" ignorance, trying to survive?
Thank you for your patience.

Happiness through peace of mind in daily living...

Not to let it degrade into another belief!

Who? cares.